HI !

Hi, I'm Sofie, I like black & white photography and like to run in nature. A lot. Sometimes I tell people while laughing that my favorite collaborations are the ones with an active Strava account. Or you end up with one after our collaboration.

With a background in Business Management & Human Resources and raised in an entrepreneurial nest, I almost immediately started my career as an HR freelancer. As from 2010, most of my career I enabled progress and interaction between people in organizations and aligned divisions. I took on roles as HR Business partner and later on as Business Coach, Teamcoach, Change Manager and Agile coach. Most of the time I supported entrepreneurs and teamleads with a background in healthcare & engineering (Biomedical, Industrial, Automation, IT,...) who recently made the transit from operations towards leading or facilitating a (larger) team. Also product owners, scrum masters and delivery coaches found there way more and more and appreciated a sparring partner. Can't explain why, but great combo it appears. The complexity and technicality in the context triggers my mind. I really like to foster the bridge between human & tech/engineering.

As a Senior Advisor in Innovative Labour Organizations, I'm a big fan of Sociocracy 3.0, Scrum and Servant & Shared Leadership. When well put in practice, it effects the context and boosts performance in an effective way. I'd like to help with that. The gain is incredible.

At the moment C-lab is just me. I still have a small self organized team, based in Lokeren, which is active in another industry, ie retail. Together we try to make a positive impact, as a family business, each in our own strengths.

C-lab represents the vibe that I bring with me, brave space where leaders and teams can experiment with crafting a context that enables collaboration. A space where they can grow, co-create, collaborate, cope (or not cope) with constant change. You can also count on support while going through personal transition. I'm happy to be your wing woman. An energy booster. A side kick.

Curious? Let's work together. Take a sneak peak at my LinkedIn. I serviced a lot of different organizations in Belgium. But the sky is the limit (although I am afraid of heights). Facilitations are possible in Dutch or English. 

Let's connect!


  • Mutual commitment
  • Touchpoints and possibility of adjustment
  • Radical candor
  • Adding value
  • Health over wealth

  • A touch of guts