What we do

We support technical experts & teamleads with a background in engineering, IT, science,... who want to improve their people, leadership & collaboration skills.

Specific focus on

Coping with change, leading through change

Enable progress in a (project)team

Stakeholder management

Facilitate growth by coaching your team

Resilience in complex environments


Coaching 1-on-1

Discuss non-technical topics, solve (people & context) problems, get challenged and coached.

If you like, get observed in your role when you are in your element. It is a great way to learn new insights beyond simply discussing them. Have a fly on the wall in (stakeholder) meetings, one-on-ones,... and get feedback how the context effects you and your team in making progress and delivering results.

Price on demand

Teamcoaching and facilitation

As a facilitator my role is to focus on helping your (management/project) team achieve goals, unite around a common purpose, boost productivity and progress, be held accountable, deal with dependencies and stakeholders, communicate more effective, overcome a conflict, ...

In a team facilitation the team will learn more about how they interact with one another, strenghts & opportunities, find ways to optimize the effectiveness of their collaboration, break down silo's and craft a context that enables cooperation.

Do you want to open a dialogue on a specific topic? Start a steering committee?  I'm happy to facilitate.

Price on demand

For who?

  • You guide, facilitate or (going to) lead a (project) team or you are a technical expert 
  • You are technically strong and want to improve your skills in effective collaboration and one-on-one conversations, facilitating (agile) meetings, making progress in a complex environment with many stakeholders, change management,...
  • You may already have done some training and want to translate your learnings into practice
  • You are ready to craft a context where you enable getting things done, together 

Companies can book support for 1 person or team and up to 2 days per week inhouse on freelance base, short term or long term, in case of large amount of support (cfr. digital transformation, merger, change, the absence of a people expert/HR or a scrum master/agile coach,...)

Need fulltime support inhouse? We combine forces in our network to get things done. 

Intervision with peers

Discuss (non-technical) topics, solve (people & context) problems, micro learn from peers and get advice and coaching from each other and a mentor/facilitator.

6-8 sessions (year) | Price on demand (max 7 persons)

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us - we’d love to talk to you!